What Can You Make With a Portable Blender?

We all know the convenience of a portable blender. You can just take it with you wherever you go and blend up a smoothie or protein shake in no time at all! But what else can you make with a portable blender? We have put together some awesome recipes for your next meal, snack, or even dessert that will be perfect to whip up when on the go! Check them out below:

I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to smoothies. Like, really addicted. I’ve been drinking them for breakfast every day for the past two years and it’s become my favorite meal of the day. But now that Fall is here, I want something warm and cozy instead of cold and refreshing…I think it’s time to find out what can be made with a portable blender!

I was inspired to make this list of recipes after I saw a video on Facebook of someone making ice cream in their blender. I thought, “I wonder what else you can make with it?” If you don’t have a portable blender, some of these recipes might not be for you. But if you do have one, then get out your ingredients and start cooking!

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