Is Putting Ice in A Blender Bad?

We all know that ice is great for keeping drinks cold, but what about putting it in a blender? Some people believe that the icy bits will just get stuck to the blades and ruin your smoothie. Others say you can put as much ice as you want because blending breaks down the cells of the ice so it won’t hurt anything. There are also some safety concerns with using an electric appliance near water or wet items, so be careful! What do you think?

I was at my local grocery store this morning, and I noticed that the ice machine was down. Not wanting to go without a frosty beverage on a hot day, I purchased some cubes from the freezer section. There are many ways you can make your favorite drink cold without having access to an ice machine–just google “cold drinks” or “blender recipes.” After making my purchase, I walked over to the frozen food aisle and found myself wondering if it’s bad for blenders to have ice in them?

The debate has raged for years, but now we have the definitive answer. Yes, it’s bad. But don’t worry—we’ll tell you why!

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